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Carroll There isnt a better poe currency

Carroll There isnt a better poe currency replacement in this draft than Prince Charlotte Hornets C Zhou Qi XinjiangWith a number of key uping free agents Michael Jordan might look to replace the open roster spots with a highupside big man like Qi Boston Celtics G Furkan Korkmaz Anadolu EfesThe Celtics should draftandstash a player with this pick if theyre

unable to consolidate with trades Korkmaz is years away from making an impact in the NBA but he offers longterm upside as a playmaking wing Philadelphia ers from Heat PG Tyler Ulis KentuckyUlis gets some hype as a lottery prospect but hes tiny and those players have a poor track record of success But the Sixers could be a good spot for

him since they have so much length and athleticism on the roster to pensate for his primary weakness Ulis would also infuse some muchneeded leadership on and off the court Los Angeles Clippers SF Malcolm Brogdon VirginiaThe Clippers need to hit on their picks this year they also have No from Brooklyn since over the next few years they only

have their first and second Brogdon is a relatively buy poe currency safe pick as a senior and in a winning situation he could offer an immediate impact as a glue guy Philadelphia ers from Thunder C Ante Zizic CibonaThe Sixers would be wise to consolidate some of their draft picks but if they are forced to keep them then draftandstashing a player is a solid alternative

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