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Taking more RuneScape gold twopoint threepoint and free throw attempts Hispercent shooting from beyond the arc is particularly impressive considering he's attempting threepointers at a higher rate this season There's been a small dip in his overall efficiency that can easily be explained by Butler creating his own shot onpercent of his makes Last

season that number waspercent It's generally harder to score off the dribble than off the catchHaving a bigger role as a scorer hasn't prevented Butler from serving as an acceptable secondary playmaker as he averages the same number of assists perminutesthat he posted last season Even better his turnover percentage has only climbed

slightly despite the added workload In general good things happen when Butler touches the ball on offense which has been happening more than ever this seasonFor someone who came into the league as an energy guy known for his defense Butler surely has improved a lot on the other end He emerged as a viable first option last season

and has only gotten better this yearButler's cheap RuneScape gold defense remains eliteA bigger offensive role can distract players from other activities that require effort so defense is typically the first thing to suffer That hasn't been the case with Butler Among players who defend at leastshot attempts per gamehe ranks th in percentage point differential

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