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Players need to make RuneScape gold that money now Despite guidance from his coach Kevin Ollie to stay in school University of Connecticut wing Daniel Hamilton opted to declare for the draft with an agent Most draft analysts don't believe Hamilton is close to ready for professional ball he hasn't cracked most mock drafts and he still had two

seasons of eligibility remaining But he had his reasons for leavingI just feel this is the best thing for me to provide for my family to help my family out Hamilton told the Hartford CourantFinancially Hamilton may not be able to wait another year to see if he can raise his draft stock for next season Leaving prematurely is a risk he feels

he has to take to help support his familyHe isn't the only athlete with a family to think about Under the proposed age limit players would be forced to move to another continent to profit from their talent or wait for two years in college until they are able to head to the NBAThe rule change wouldn't just affect a small amount of

athlete's ines either Since players have been cheap RuneScape gold drafted at age by way of oneanddone either from college or meeting the international requirements That's nearly players per year or onesixth of the players drafted In Silver's mind these players would be more productive in the NBA had they stayed in college for another season But history

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