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Brooks in the first RuneScape gold place and they also help explain why the Thunder finished games behind Golden State in the regular season The difference in these playoffs is that the Thunder have masked these flaws by playing sublime defense and using their length and speed to run opponents off the floorGame was indeed an extreme example of a

mon problem No team threw fewer passes per game than the Thunder this year and only the Lakers averaged more time per touch according to NBA's player tracking data The problem has only worsened in the playoffs Oklahoma City players are holding onto the ball for longer periods of time tossing even fewer passes and attacking

via isolations even more frequently according to NBA The narrative about Donovan finally enforcing the virtues of pinging the ball around the floor just isn't truePossessions like this one from Game where Russell Westbrook transforms into a Jose Calderon clone whose sole job is to get the ball to Kevin Durant and get out of the way

are mon in close gamesIn the playoffs the Thunder cheap RuneScape gold are scoring just points per possessions in the last five minutes of games that are within five points according to NBA For some perspective the Sixers the NBA's worst offensive team this year averaged points per possessions during the regular season Oklahoma City's crunchtime

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