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The value of sport to local government and communities extends beyond sport for sport’s sake. It can play a role in bringing communities together, having a social and cultural impact, developing social capital and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Regular involvement in sport can benefit individuals and communities and contribute to a range of positive outcomes.

A language that everyone understands

In the shadows of top level sport, smaller victories are being celebrated daily in sports development. Various projects around the world bring people together and give them hope. Even the UN wants to get in on it.

Willi Lemke: 'Sport can build bridges'

Former Werder Bremen club president Willi Lemke knows plenty about using sport to achieve bigger goals. DW speaks to the Special Adviser to the UN on Sport for Development and Peace about his work.

German amateur coach fights racism in Dom Rep

After completing high school in Germany, Miriam Schöps went for a Gap year to the Dominican Republic. Working as a football coach, she was able to bring two groups of people together and fight discrimination.

Semmler: 'It's all about training smart'

Borussia Mönchengladbach's U23 goalkeeping coach, Christoph Semmler, missed out on his annual holiday this year to go and instruct coaches in Ethiopia. He speaks to DW about his experiences in the Horn of Africa nation.

Thomas Hitzlsperger - Working against discrimination

Thomas Hitzlsperger was always the perfect professional. He's a popular figure who gives his all on and off the pitch. At 18 he went abroad, now he's picked up a special award as a German Football Ambassador.

Mouchbahani: 'Sport can break down barriers'

Ralph Mouchbahani is one of the German Olympic Sports Confederation's most well-traveled globetrotters. DW spoke to the sports coach about his goals and his current work in Zambia.

Philippines: Everything for football

Amanda Fernandez is football crazy and is trying to make sure that every Filipino, rich or poor, can play football. The young businesswoman wants to become a football pioneer in her country.

Sport's power to change lives and move nations is often overstated.

But Nelson Mandela may have been the first global leader to use sport as a tool to unite people and to redefine a country's international image.

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